Saturday, October 18, 2008

Finally updated my Etsy site yay

so guys I finally updated my etsy shop, if you have time check it out. These are little ceramic charms I made in class and turned into a necklace they are hollow shaped pinch pots with little rattlers inside so when you shake them they rattle..pointless but cute. I porimise if you buy on you will be rattling it all day just for your own amusement, I do when I wear one. There should be more to come I have a cupcake one in the works.

My kiddos at school have been working so hard ....I have some artwork from them that I would like to share. p.s. we are starting Dia De Los Muertos this week and I have some killer projects that we will be doing I will definatly post on those
Native American "turqouise" jewelry 1st grade

Indian Cave paintings with pastels, 2nd grade
complementary colors, oil pastel 3rd grade shades and tints, tempra paint 4th grade
Kandinsky watercolors 2nd grade
Primary colors Fruit bowl still life Kindergarten!
Aren't they soo cute!?

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Molly Kate said...

YAY!!! an update!!! I'm so excited! I love it!!