Wednesday, August 27, 2008

New Pastels, my wonderful fiance gave me the amazing pastels, they are very soft and full of pigment

Molly and I had an art party a while back and I made this pastel drawing with them

Here is my brand new real teacher lesson plan book and grade book!! very exciting

My package finally arrived from one of my favorite artists Emily Martin at the Black Apple!!
She had a print sale and I ordered one isn't cute??!

Yay My internet is working again!!

I am sooooo sorry for the length of time between posts lately, there really is so excuse....but my internet also has been very unpredictable and last weekend when I took photos and uploaded them I sat down to blog and I coulden't sign on to blogger!! Anyways I am getting used my new job as an ART TEACHER of kindergarten through 4th grade at trinity school in Midland. It is going very smoothly... I love it!! The kids are great...some have their difficult moments (for exampl coloring their teeth with a sharpie) but lets face who doesn't. Here are some pictures of my classroom
Where I keep assignments organized
organized supplies
color bulletin board
View from the door
my desk
book shelves
art talk and word wall
chalk board
color wheel
art news
cute vintage owl
cool lanterns

Friday, August 8, 2008

Much Needed post

First of all here is the finished fired product of the dog bowls and tattoo coasters.

They turned out pretty well if I dont say so myself.

I coulden't resist this one...he must always butt in if I am not paying attention to him.

At the last art party with Molly we started making these embroidered/ painted hoop painting. Here are mine almost finished. I got threee different sizes and put muslin in one and patterned fabric in the others.

My mom got me the cutest book yesterday!! And it is quite appropriate. It has the most beautiful illustrations!!

Also as I have been working in my classrooms I have noticed that the other teachers are very generous with thier old stuff and always offer it to the art teachers before they throw it away...these amazing magazines were left at the door to my classroom the other day soe Expressions and Cloth Paper Scissors...some other anonymous gifts have been empty bottles of glue ( I will reuse the bottle), old table clothes, and old paint brushes!!

Also I want to share with you this trift store find that my sister gave's a tooth pick holder!!
I will post pictures of my classroom soon!!

I have been MIA!!!

Ok, I have been missing for way too long!! This is why...first I went out of town to Dallas a weekend 3 day trip, then my internet has been down for about a week now and is very unpredictable when it is working, and I have been working on my classroom!! I will post tonight!! Promise, thank you faithful readers who have not deleted me off your lists!!