Friday, May 30, 2008

Examples, Bridesmaiding, and Camp Trunks!!

Well I have many things to share with you tonight...I am feeling suprisingly awake for some reason!! First of all I have some photo's of the prayer journals that Molly and I are going to make with our VBS art class. The oldest kids are going to learn how to bind a book, they will use canvas boards for the covers that they will paint and watercolor paper for the pages. They will be bound in by embroidery thread. Beads can be added to the ends of the string for added pizzaz. Here are some pictures of my example.

Front cover

Back cover

I added beads!!

Cool scrapbook paper for the inside

Also I finished the camp trunk I was telling you about for my boss's daughter. I used Testor Enamels to paint the semi slick plasticy surface. I think it turned out pretty well, she wanted her name with a zebra border and I added some silvery paisleys also

and here is a detail

And... I saved the best for last, My best friend Molly asked me to be a bridesmaid in her wedding!! Yay she is an amazing artist and made me this cool book full of photos of us throughout our friendship...most of them are art events lol!! Everyone should check out her blog titled Specs and Wings, the address is under my favorites!!
The front cover
the cute tag!!
graduation from Texas Tech
our hand at performance art, we had fun ...really we did!!
Molly and I made this large and I mean large quilt for a public art piece..i'll tell yall about that someday
an art show we had at the Stray Dog Gallery in Lubbock
Our very first art show at Tech in the Art building!!
The end!!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

ok just one more thought

I also just LOVE this free pattern for a cute birdie I found on Craftzine, I can not wait to try it!

Here is the cool blog it came with called Spool fabric to quilt and sew

I have a few more things to add

I downloaded the most amazing fonts last night!! Normally i'm not that into typography, but I have been commissioned to paint a camp trunk for my boss's daughter. I have done a few of these before but she is a little bit older and wanted her name written and really funky and cute letters. So I was comming up blank, I woulden't say that lettering is my strong point. I was looking up cute fonts and came across these free fonts that are so cool . The site is run by two artists, Kevin and Amanda, they have a site with scrapbooks they made, recipes, and these sweet free fonts!! Check it out.....

Hi Again Everyone!!

Well I have a few things to share with you... I became a human pin cushion for the second time in my life. A few days ago I was picking up a little wround my bedroom when I felt a sudden sharp pain in my foot, I picked it up to look at it and in the very middle of my foot I see the head of a pin. The rest being INSIDE me foot. So I minorly freaked out and composed myself and pulled out the pin...very quickly. It promple started GUSHING blood I mean I know the pin went in all the way but it still just went in a pin sized hole I wasnt expecting the blood. It swelled and bruised and it hurt to walk for quite a few days...but I am better now. All that aside this is not the first time this had happened to me I'll have to share the other story's pretty funny!
Well pincushions aside my friend Molly and I have been hired to teach art for 4th -7th grade at a vacation bible study next week. The theme is miracles. I wanted to share a few examples of what we will teach
for the younger kids we are going to make a painted wall hanging, they may use a miracle from the bible or one they see in everyday life! I chose to portrey the miracle of Peter pulling a coin out of a fishes mouth!! The wall haging will be made of painted canvas and will be attached to a dowel rod and hung by ribbon. I havent attached the ribbion to my examples yet.

For the 5th graders we have planned to make a wall hanging too, but instead of just painting them we will introduce the element of collaging with fabric.

This wall hanging is about a feast to feed five thousand!
The 6th and 7th grade class will be combined and we will be teaching them how to bind and make their own prayer journal. There will be pics of that to come.
What do yall think?
posting tonight I promise!!! Check back

Monday, May 26, 2008

Little Art Book Show and Tell

I want to share with you a little art sketchbook that I made about 8 months ago. I have been working on filling it up. Molly taught me how to make it when she was doing research for her book making class. It is made out of 2 canvas boards , watercolor paper, book cloth, and book thread. I haven't decorated the front and back yet. I'd love to know what you think!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Pottery Pottery Pottery

Here are some custom plates I did for work!! I will be posting more that I have done for myself and gifts after they come out of the kiln. P.s. I bought my own kiln yay!! It is just the cutest little baby I have ever seen!! I will post pic of her later too!

front and back of a plate done for a grandma, the kids made the handprints and pingerprints around the rim and I added everything else and painted the back!!

Plates I did for teacher gifts!! The mom that ordered them brought me a list of the class with their hair color and style and I did my best to make a stick figure to look like them!! Kinda silly, but it turned out cute!

Etsy Let down :(

Well much to my dismay the etsy showcase Storque did pretty much nothing for my shop, not only did I not sell anything, but it didn't even boost my views. Oh well I guess I'll just try something else. Maybe yall would like to see some new items!!

Some more earrings!
any suggestions on advertising??
If you like then visit my etsy