Sunday, January 18, 2009

Ok so I havent posted in 2 months!!

Ahhhh, I am such a bad blogger, I havne't posted in FOREVER. Well sorry, and thank you for still looking at this. Well the sale at the boutique was a sucess and I think they might be interested in selling some more clips! Yay, I just updated my etsy shop!! Here is what is new in the shop

These guys are all brooches except for the last one!!


Molly Kate said...

yay a post!!! and the coolest hair owl accessories ever! and I love the pics are on yarn!

The Wild Curl said...

I love the pin you made for Molly's wedding! In fact, I loved every minute we spent together! You're a rockin' chiquita--we must spend time soon!

I saw this & thought of you:

We're in the talks for a Molly Kate birthday bash! Email me: or