Monday, July 7, 2008

I'm Back with GREAT News

Hi, I'm back from my 4th of July trip to the lake and I'm engaged!! I have a wonderful fiance, a wonderful family a wonderful proposal and a beautiful ring!! It was all so perfect!!

Granny Square # 5

well I worked on some squares during my trip and I started with this one!! It is a daffodil!! and very cute I may add!!

Granny #6

this next square is soo cute I think! It is a butterfly!! The square was easy but I had to do the wings twice

Granny #7

I absolutely love this one, It was a Christmas wreath pattern and I just changed the colors it turned out so cute. The wreath poofs up for added dimension

Granny #8

This one was a tricky little booger and ugly too I dont like the way it turned out do you??

Granny # 9

this one was easy breezy and cute too!


Molly Kate said...

CONGRATS!!!! & i love all the squares! you're crocheting up a storm!

The Roberts' said...