Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Painted Pottery, Handcarved stamps, and Paintings oh my!!

Sorry channeling my inner Dorothy there did I mention that I am going to wear ruby slippers to my wedding??!!

Anyways, here are some painted ceramic coasters that have not been fired yet, so they will look drastically different when they are. I am continuing with the tattoo series a bit.

Here is a painted canister that my mom specifically requested. She wants a set of famous art pieces on canisters and dishes! Can you guess which one this is?? ** Molly you can't guess because you should know already!!** This one also isnt fired yet. I'll be sure to posrt after they come out of the kiln.

Also I have rediscovered my love for print making in the form of and carving stamps!! I got the Idea from to glue them on wood blocks to mae them easier and less messy

I also bought these cute mini letter stamps at Micheals crafts the other day for $1 each!! Isn't that cool I am really obssessed with stamps lately...if only I could thing of something to stamp them on!! lol

Also here is an update on the painting I was working on. I think it is almost finished but not quite. It is in thet stage where it needs something else but I am scared to mess it up by working it to much ya know?

Also good news ART PARTY TONIGHT!! and the watching of Project Runway double YAY!! I couldent' remember if I showed this to yall it was made by my bff Molly of It is a necklace/ small painting/ decoration for my lamp for the time being!! Thanks Molly!!


Molly Kate said...

This was an AWESOME post!!! I love all your new ceramics and paintings! your new stamps are super cute too! I might need to commission you :) I CAN'T WAIT TO ART PARTY TONIGHT!!!!!

Molly Kate said...

where are you girly!?!

tessa marie said...

i just moved here and i think we should be friends. i lOVE art parties and i just got married 4 months ago and moved away from my college life and friends and i miss being around friends that inspire me...haha. i sound like a weirdo.