Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Art Party Tonight!!

Molly and I had another art party tonight!! We had to pick up some more supplies for VBS and we got a quick pick me up coffee and tea and we got to work. We are going to participate in this art giveaway/sale called Pikaproject, have yall heard of it?? It's really cute, artist that sell goods on the web can submit 12 works of arts mainly small prints, cards, paper goods and the Pikaland group makes packets out of them, they have a few givaways and the artists recieve a packet and they sell the rest cool huh? Well we need to make 12 things I don't think we got any of those accomplished but we did make 2 pretty cool works of art!!

the crime scene, since moving home our art parties have become a little cramped

Molly feeding Diego a paintbrush

Molly's amazing henna hands holding a coffee cup http://specsandwings.blogspot.com/- her blog

her close up, a little blurry we didnt have good light

my sushi owlie painting, not a good pic I have to say, I used alot of metallic and it didn't show up to well I need to take a better one in better light, but it will have to do for tonight

more of the scene, notice the gummy bear-like dog toy

and us, we missed a bit but that was ok we kept having double chins in the ones of our whole face
I would love to hear comments!!

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Molly Kate said...

I love our ART PARTIES!!! can we have them forever?!! thanks for being my bff.