Monday, June 9, 2008

VBS, Better Pictures, and Package to Meme

Hi if you are reading this and haven't entered the giveaway you should!! Just look at my last post and get your name in the drawing.
Molly and I finished VBS last week and the kids did amazingly I have some picture of their finished products to share with you!

I am sending a care art package to my Meme Olga in Beaumont. Texas, she didn't get to come to my graduation so I haven't seen her in quite a while so I decided to send her a fun package!

In her care package I included the bird mug I showed yall a few weeks ago, a cute hand crochet wallet I made, some shrinky earrings, a small painting, and a cute little owlie I made and painted!

The care package itself

My fruit snack that I ate while making the package

Butterfly painting collage

little owlie

cute crochet wallet

Cute shrinky earrings

Today is Diego's Birthday!!

I made him this cute button collar!!

Finally better pictures of my painting

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