Sunday, June 29, 2008

Crocheting up a Storm!!

Well I've caught the crocheting bug again and I decided to make a granny square afghan for my sister's's not until October but I guess it's best to start early. I went to the craft store yesterday and bought way too much yarn and a crochet book called 101 Granny squares. I decided to make all 101 square except a Santa Clause face one because....well it's just stupid. So from this day forward Iwill be posting a granny sqaure a day!! for 100 days!!!
this is what happeneds when I try to pay attention to something other than him
notice the toy that he has dropped in the middle of my photo, it says chill pill
the blanket, it's one big granny square around the rim I am going to attach all the other small grannies that I have made

a few grannies that I got patterns for off the internet, I really like the first daisy one, I made two of them!!
the book
the yarn
Number 1
Pretty Pansy Granny
this one was pretty easy, I was unsure whether I was following the pattern right then I got to the light purple, but it all worked out. The flower is just stitched on the square not crochet in a round.
If you are interested in the patterns just comment and I'll post

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