Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Hi Guy Long Time No Post

Hi, sorry it has been so long I thank you guys who have stuck with me still visiting my blog, I started a new job at a ceramics studio in my hometown. This has been so exciting because my concentration in college was ceramics, so I get to go a little of what I love!!

I have had the opportunity to do a few custom pieces that I would like to share with you

These were two flower vases that were presents for teachers, the childrens hands are the tulips and I went back and outlined them and added the grass and words

This one is a plate with a whole drilled in the middle so that it can be fitted with clock parts. I think this one turned out really well!! The small animals are the children's fingerprints and I added the numbers, writing and turned the fingerprints into little animals. This is also for a teacher! Here are some details:

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Lovely_Moon said...

Wow! Your clock-plate is wonderful!! Just loved it!!