Friday, May 30, 2008

Examples, Bridesmaiding, and Camp Trunks!!

Well I have many things to share with you tonight...I am feeling suprisingly awake for some reason!! First of all I have some photo's of the prayer journals that Molly and I are going to make with our VBS art class. The oldest kids are going to learn how to bind a book, they will use canvas boards for the covers that they will paint and watercolor paper for the pages. They will be bound in by embroidery thread. Beads can be added to the ends of the string for added pizzaz. Here are some pictures of my example.

Front cover

Back cover

I added beads!!

Cool scrapbook paper for the inside

Also I finished the camp trunk I was telling you about for my boss's daughter. I used Testor Enamels to paint the semi slick plasticy surface. I think it turned out pretty well, she wanted her name with a zebra border and I added some silvery paisleys also

and here is a detail

And... I saved the best for last, My best friend Molly asked me to be a bridesmaid in her wedding!! Yay she is an amazing artist and made me this cool book full of photos of us throughout our friendship...most of them are art events lol!! Everyone should check out her blog titled Specs and Wings, the address is under my favorites!!
The front cover
the cute tag!!
graduation from Texas Tech
our hand at performance art, we had fun ...really we did!!
Molly and I made this large and I mean large quilt for a public art piece..i'll tell yall about that someday
an art show we had at the Stray Dog Gallery in Lubbock
Our very first art show at Tech in the Art building!!
The end!!

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