Monday, May 19, 2008

New Items Comming to my etsy shop!!

Well I deceided to expirement with the shrink plastic some more, I did the rings and they seem to have gotten a pretty good response so I thought what about earings, necklaces, and more the possibilities are endless with this shrink plastic. Here are some items that are going to be showing up on my etsy soon. P.s. I signed up for a storque listing on Friday, which is an advertising mechanism for etsy. My shop will be featured on the storque page on the etsy site for 24 hours on Friday the 23!!

Owlie Dangles
Rainbow Heart post with dangles
green apples post with dangles
shrimp sushi dangles

red apple post

shrimp sushi tiny post
diamond tiny post
heart with wings dangles

Octopus dangles

california roll sushi necklace

1 comment:

Molly Kate said...

so cute! and great pics. Love these!!! I can't wait to art party you don't understand...I CAN'T WAIT!!!!